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Saturday, 19 January 2008

13 Dec 2007 - Social Evening

This year our December Social Evening coincided with Ayr Flower Club and with a junior Nativity play being held in the Church. Parking was chaotic, but there was enough Christmas excitement in the air to put us all in the festive mood. Chairman Iain Mathieson organised a team quiz using slides that he had taken out and about in Scotland. This caused the teams much head-shaking and sotto voce animated discussion. The words "Well, just guess!" were heard embarrassingly often. The kindest comment to make on the resulting scores is the comment, "Disappointing. Could do a great deal better!"
Secretary Paddy Mathieson regaled members with mince pies, shortbread and non-alcoholic drinks. Our sincere thanks go to them both for their planning and hard work. And we all promise to know Scotland better next time!

Sheila Dinwoodie

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