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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Forum RSS Feed

Members can now get automatic notification of postings or changes to a Forum without having to keep going to the "Forums" section to see if anything has changed.

To use this feature, log into the Members' only area and, in the "Forums" section, click on the orange "RSS Feed" button on the top right of the Forums list page.  This will lead you through the procedure to include a pointer to the feed in your email reader, web browser or other RSS reader program where you will receive a dated notice of each update and to which Forum it was made.  This message will also contain a direct link to the Forum, via the log in page, so you can quickly see if you can contribute to the discussion.

For simplicity, this feature will currently only notify you of changes at the Forum level, so you will have to log on to see which Topic has been changed. For more information about RSS feeds, see Wikipedia.

John Weston

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