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Sunday, 3 April 2011

22 Mar 2011 - "Researching Irish Ancestry on the Internet" - Joint Ayrshire FHS meeting

This was the annual joint meeting of all four Ayrshire family history societies.  This year it was the turn of Largs to host the meeting.  Thirteen members from our society travelled to Largs to hear Chris Paton’s talk on Researching Irish Ancestry on the Internet.

Chris gave a very interesting and informative talk on what records were available and which websites stored these records.  Chris outlined which websites to use for Birth, Marriage and Death records, census returns and military records amongst other things.  The talk also mentioned what information was available in each website and any costs involved.  A lot of the websites mentioned in the talk can be found on Chris' site at

After the talk each society gave a brief outline of what that society had been doing over the past twelve months.

The evening concluded with a wonderful supper and the chance to catch up with old friends.

Graeme Savage

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