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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Members Only Area

The Website's Members Only area is open and being used - are you missing things?

Have you got your personal access information?

We will only send access information to a member's verified email address.  To start this process, members should send a message using the "Members access request" - "Register here ..." link on the "Member's login" page, available from the "Home" page menu. This should contain your name, membership number and email address. Also, as a security measure, please include your postal address and telephone number. None of the information given here, other than your name, will appear on the Website since it isn't even stored there. Please do not sent this request to the Membership secretary or to any other office holder. It might take an extra-long time to get processed or get lost...

After checking your details, we will send a first-time Username and Password. This should be used as soon as possible to gain access to the "Change password" page where you can set your own Username and a secure Password known only to yourself.   Please then logout and back in again to test your new personal access data. You can then explore the Members Only area and, in the "Forums" section, practice using its features in the "Practice" Forum and then why not introduce yourself in a new Topic in the "Introductions" Forum?

This area will only be successful if YOU use it, referring to the Online Library, asking questions, providing answers, taking part in debates, etc.  Please contribute to the Forums and give us feedback on things you would like to see here and any problems you have.  If you are unable to get to meetings, this is your access to the Society.

John Weston

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