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Sunday, 25 January 2015

20 January 2015 - Extraordinary General Meeting

The Society Chairman opened the Extraordinary General Meeting called to determine the future of the Society. There were 24 members present who discussed the problem of not being able to find volunteers to take over as officers and committee members for the next Society year, as is required by our Constitution and the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

Although everyone was reluctant to take the step, no other solution discussed seemed possible. It was therefore proposed and approved by the majority present that we should formally wind-up the Society.  The formal minutes of this meeting will be circulated to members in the near future.

The consequence of this is that after our year-end, on 31 March 2015, the Alloway and Southern Ayrshire Family History Society will no-longer exist.  This Website will be taken off-line and archived and any assets held will be disposed of as detailed in the Constitution.

Sorry about this...
John Weston, Webmaster

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